Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ordinary Imaginary

Now accepting submissions for ORDINARY IMAGINARY.

This new anthology will feature comics and illustrations on a very simple and universal idea--something (extra)ordinary clashing with the mundane. This challenge is about facing your fears, both in the theme of the stories/illustrations, and the execution there of. The theme is broad for a reason-- I'd like to encourage artists to do a story that they can explore however they'd like to, and to create the work using methods they may not have tried before.
If you're a digital artist, try inking with a brush (or vice versa).
Try doing an entire comic without using any dialogue.
Maybe you want to do a story about confronting your fears in an unusual way. Awesome. Maybe your story is about running into a mythical figure while running errands. Exciting! Have fun with this and let your imaginations (literally) run wild.

Of course, there are some guidelines for submissions--

  • Comic and Illustration Dimensions: Submissions lengths must be between one to 15 pages, black and white, or greyscale. All pages will be printed at 5.5″ x 8.5″ including an eighth inch gutter on all sides. Therefore all art must not exceed the printable dimensions of 5.25″ x 8.25″. Illustrators, you are free to do a two-page splash image, but please account for the bleeds.
  • How to Submit: We will take submissions both digital and physical. If you choose to send your submissions digitally please format them at 600 dpi. Please save images as JPG or PSD file formats. Attach the files, along with how you would like to be credited, to
  • Prior to submitting to this anthology, please contact me with a rough estimate of your page count, so we can take into account the approximate size of the book and make a contingency for printing options.
  • Deadline: I'd like to give everyone plenty of time for this, so the deadline is May 1st 2010. The goal is to debut at HeroesCon. I encourage everyone to continually ask for feedback and critiques on their progress as they're working. I want high quality, professional art, and this should be something you'd be proud to show to editors. I also can't promise that everyone that submits will be included in the anthology. Submissions will be chosen by a group of professional, impartial judges.
  • Availability: This is going to depend on printing costs. If we go with something like LuLu, each contributor will be able to buy however many copies of the anthology they'd like from there at cost, then sell them at whatever price at conventions or local comic shops. I'll be pricing out other printers though.
  • Compensation: Each participant will receive one free copy of the anthology. I wish I was made of money and could pay you all and guarantee this will sell like HOT CAKES and we will all make thousands of dollars, however... well, I guess just keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best. If nothing else, you will hopefully have something amazing to have in your portfolio and show to editors

That should be it! If you have any other questions, just let me know, and of course, SPREAD THE WORD ALL OVER~